Daily Forecast Capricorn 04-21


Capricorn Daily Forecast

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It’s not a day for feeling; it’s a day for thinking! Your brain is set to think in a more analytical way, and your heart is letting it drive things for a while. You might start to seem a bit detached from friends, especially the ones who always call you up with gossip or to talk about their latest drama. While you’ll still be as compassionate as ever, you’ll also be slightly distracted by the tasks you have to complete. Work will come first for you now, and that’s perfectly okay.

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Sometimes it’s nice to be a little selfish. Do something just for you today. When you feel nurtured and cared for, you can reflect that feeling back to other people.

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Pretending to be ignorant instead of fessing up to mistakes won’t earn any points with your partner. Hold yourself responsible for misconduct and vow never to repeat mistakes.


If your finances are demanding your attention, then by all means attend to them. But if balancing your checkbook is your way of hiding, then don’t let yourself off the hook that easily.



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