Daily Forecast Capricorn 04-22


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You need to try to rein in your increasingly self-indulgent ways. Cook dinner yourself instead of ordering take-out, and do you really need another new pair of shoes? It’s a good time to eliminate any unnecessary spending and get back to a simpler way of living. When you take a little bit of a break from pampering yourself, you’ll appreciate it all the more when you go back to treating yourself like a rock star.

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You’ve got a pile of work to plow through, but try not to neglect any romantic e-mails or messages while you’re at it. Keep it all short and sweet. Your good energy is helping with fun and flair.

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You can make a major shift in attitude about your relationship. You can see choices available that never would have occurred to you before today. Remember that thoroughness is everything when it comes to making a decision.


You don’t need something new or expensive to get the fun going. In fact, something old and familiar will do the trick. If you’re not sure what, do some tentative exploring.



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