Daily Forecast Capricorn 04-26


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You are at your happiest when the people you love are happy, so work on making that happen today. Call up a blue friend and find out what they need to start smiling again. It might be just a shoulder to cry on, or it might be an errand that they can’t get around to dealing with. Their stress level has been on the rise, but you can help them see that this will pass. They need a sweet reminder about what is really important in life. And if anyone understands that, it’s you.

Singles Lovescope

Your inner rebel could make you think you’re not a joiner, but when it’s a group of equally awesome people with some shared interest, you’re absolutely golden. Get it started!

Couple Lovescope

It’s important for you to feel understood by your partner. Today, you may feel that your meaning is getting lost. Take a step back and try a different approach. You’ll be able to make things clear.


You’re more in the mood for fun and good times than hard work, but you don’t have much choice in the matter. You can make your work more fun by getting a better attitude, though. Make that your first agenda item.



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