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Every obstacle you encounter today is there for a reason. You need to take time today to understand why it could be there, because that will tell you what you need to learn to overcome it. If you ask the right people, the answer will be easy to find. Don’t be afraid to interview anyone and everyone involved, because your questioning could end up jogging someone’s memory and help them solve their own issues, too.

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For some reason, all the wrong people want to know about your personal life right now. And unless you’re ready to give long explanations (and you’re not), head off nosiness at the pass with a little terseness. Short, simple answers should do the trick.

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You’ve been bitten by the travel bug! Pack a few things and indulge in your wanderlust with your partner along for the ride. Seek out a new destination without hesitation.


Life keeps throwing obstacles in your path and you keep making a way to get around them. You’re not exactly leaping over them in a single bound, but you are making headway nonetheless. Being forced to bring out your hidden strengths has you feeling like a superhero.



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