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Your recent interest in beautifying your home isn’t coincidental. You’ve made some new friends, one of whom you find especially interesting. Whether you’ve admitted it to yourself or not, all that puttering around means you’re preparing to have them over, and you want to make a good impression. There. Now that it’s been said right out loud, you can devote yourself to the project in earnest and start thinking of irresistibly interesting ways to phrase the invitation.

Singles Lovescope

You normally resist setups and blind dates, but you might want to loosen up a bit. Allow a well-meaning friend to make some suggestions, especially if your friend is in a successful relationship. That means they have a good sense for quality dating material.

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You may find yourself dwelling in the past today. Remember that you can’t go back and change things, but you can create a beautiful future for you and your loved one.


It’s hard to feel excited. In fact, feeling moody and slow is all that comes naturally today. If your active subconscious can’t snap you out of it, nothing can. Indulge in your need to be alone and not having to spend any money.



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