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Using flattery in order to get what you want in life is a completely legitimate tactic, there’s no doubt about it. But if you use it too often, it will lose its value, so consider yourself warned! Today, use flattery only as a last resort. The people you’re with have become nearly immune to your flowery words and smiling eyes, so it will take every flattery arrow in your arsenal to get them to acquiesce. Why not try a simple “please”? It might work better.

Singles Lovescope

The morning is just right for catching up with people, coordinating plans, and any random communication, so use your imagination! Later, conflicting opinions become more likely.

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You withdraw into your shell occasionally. To foster real intimacy with your beloved, peek out every now and then. Or better yet, try and shed that carapace when you’re together. Trust them. Trust yourself.


Things change — that is a constant. Don’t try and fight it. Stick to what is stable and predictable in your own life, like discipline and working until you’re tired.



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