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Self-control has never been high on your list of the qualities you admire in yourself. It’s more like on the “qualities I wish I had” list. So don’t beat yourself up if you’re not exactly the soul of willpower when it comes to money right now. Just try to show a little restraint with the online shopping so you don’t completely clean out your bank account!

Singles Lovescope

Exploration is favored right now, and when it comes to love, there are many paths to take. Improve your odds by checking them all out! Poke around online, let your people know you’re looking, and get out there!

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How do you love them? Go ahead and count the ways. Your powers of expression are strong right now. Don’t keep it all to yourself. Tell your partner!


Stop being so deadly serious. The best way to turn a buck today is to do it playfully. Pretend you’re a magician at a children’s party, and pull some profits out of your hat with a wave of your wand.



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