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Feeling like this relationship is a struggle for control? Well, maybe that’s a big part of the problem. Drop the battle for supremacy and figure out a way to have a partnership. The first step is not to excuse bad behavior that makes you or the other person angry or sad. Along the way, it’s time to realize you have much more say in this relationship than you originally thought. Believing this is the first step to freeing yourself.

Singles Lovescope

If the professional ceiling is closing in, it’s time to move on. At work, you need room to grow and if you’ve hit a vertical barrier, all other areas of your life cease to progress. So if you want to get your love life back on track, a new job may be in order.

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To reach a new place, you have to first figure out where you are. Maybe it’s time for you and your partner to pull out the map and compass, emotionally speaking. Chart new territories from there.


One look at your bank account can make you feel overwhelmed. Be careful how you console yourself. Poetry would be good right about now. Other forms of comfort? A bit risky.



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