Daily Forecast Pisces 05-19


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Your quick thinking in a tricky situation will leave others quite impressed, although you might not completely understanding why. In your mind, you did what anyone else would have done in that position. You won’t understand the significance of your actions until a few days from now, and then you can pat yourself on the back. Lately, you have been pleasing people without even trying, and you’re starting to get a taste of what it must be like to be a superhero.

Singles Lovescope

Sometimes asking too many questions is rude, but when it comes to romance, you really ought to know what you’re getting into. Go ahead and use your charming interrogation tactics.

Couple Lovescope

For a relationship to work, both people need to be active participants. If you’ve been letting your partner do most of the work, it might be time to step up and pitch in. Do something unexpected for your mate.


You have no real business worries today, but that doesn’t make it an easy day. You still have demanding and greedy people to deal with. Giving them what they want won’t help, especially if what they want is money. They’ll only be back for more, so cut them off now.



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