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Your emotions are right there on your face, for all the world to see, and the best part is that they’re all good emotions. You’re happy and pleased with yourself over recent relationship developments, and you know the feelings are mutual. What could be better? Well, you could lavish some adoring attention on the person responsible for all this good stuff. That could make things even better, right?

Singles Lovescope

You need to loosen up! Try something out of the ordinary. Dance like no one is watching. Flirt with no thoughts toward the future. Show the universe that you’re willing to follow its lead.

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Your partner challenges you about the way you express yourself. Walking away isn’t an option, but neither is turning this into a conflagration. Your expert combination of diplomacy and strength can defuse the situation.


Having fun is important, and in this case it means using your brain. It feels good to exercise all of your muscles, not just those in your body. Put on your thinking cap and play the intellectual for the day.



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