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If group dynamics are getting a bit fuzzy today, it’s a good time for you to throw your weight around. Because you have facts and logic on your side, you’ll be able to get more attention than the people who are leveraging fear, envy, and other small-minded emotions. Appeal to the best in people, and they’ll show you the best they have to offer. Today is a day when you will be reminded of how wonderful the people in your life truly are.

Singles Lovescope

Gratitude is an awesome thing. Just take a look at your life. You’re single, you’re free, you do whatever you want, and have no one to answer to. That’s a gift. Allow appreciation to flow in. Everything is on the upswing!

Couple Lovescope

Knowing when to be quiet is just as great a gift as knowing when not to be quiet. If your lover has an issue they want to talk out, don’t be so quick to leap in with your opinion. Hear them out first.


Life has been a bit too wild for your taste of late. You much prefer a predictable, conservative routine to the dog-eat-dog jungle the world around you has become. And that’s just describing your finances. Don’t let your inner voice add to the chaos and confusion.



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