Daily Forecast Capricorn 06-13


Capricorn Daily Forecast

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Miscommunication and assumptions have been creating some relationship issues, and today you’ll get a chance to clear the air and get things back on track. Understandably, you fear a big argument. But that is no reason to avoid dealing with this problem and the sooner the better. Plus, you need to show the other person that you aren’t hiding anything. Your hesitation to discuss the tough stuff is being misread.

Singles Lovescope

It’s a great day for laughing and catching up with friends. Take a long lunch together and share your romantic gossip. Someone will spill a secret that forces you to make a tough decision.

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You were convinced that you and your sweetheart needed to add something to your lives (a new car, a puppy, a weekly trip to the local waffle house), but now you’re not quite sure. You’re allowed to change your mind.


Don’t let your thoughts go off on flights of fancy. Daydreaming about spending your money won’t help you earn it. For that you need concentration and deep focus.



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