Daily Forecast Capricorn 06-14


Capricorn Daily Forecast

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You are starting to think about making some big changes in your life, probably because one of your friends has been going through a dramatic transformation lately and you are feeling inspired! Start today by asking this person for a few pointers on how to go about an evolution. They have some excellent advice to give you, and some of their inside secrets should surprise you. Your attention will be very flattering to them, and it will encourage them to keep on going on their new life path.

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Some who think you’re all business could be surprised by today’s show of warmth, empathy, and eagerness to lend a hand. Your deep understanding of their feelings doesn’t hurt either. Get some good karma rolling!

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Inspiration flows, but focus is more elusive. Write down your ideas and you’ll be less confused. It’s still the brainstorming phase, so you don’t have to tell your partner what’s on your mind yet.


Some people can’t let themselves react to their changing financial status, so they compensate in other ways. Overreacting may be a sign of leaner times. Be careful in social settings today.



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