Daily Forecast Capricorn 12-03


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You love jumping in with both feet, and the deep, dark lake of love is your favorite jumping spot! But if you’re considering going full throttle in a relationship that is currently just barely begun, stop. Spend the next few days by yourself and consider if this match really is worth the work of taking it to another level. If it’s just casual fun, trying to make it into more will leave everyone with a bad taste in their mouth. If, after a good, solid assessment, you’re feeling pretty good about moving forward, then by all means jump on in.

Singles Lovescope

Hang in there! You probably feel a little overwhelmed for the time being, so it might be best to put your love life on hold for now. Get some exercise to bring your emotions back under control.

Couple Lovescope

Your sweetie continues to surprise you and teach you new things about yourself. Today you may find yourself changing an opinion, and seeing something in a different light.


You can listen to advice without feeling compelled to follow it. The trick is in letting the blowhards wear themselves out imparting their brilliant message. While you’re standing there, make use of your time by going over your mental checklist of goals and wishes, and fine tune exactly how you plan on reaching them.



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