Daily Forecast Capricorn 12-07


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Sometimes your opinions are wonderful gifts that people really appreciate, but other times they can be a huge can of worms nobody wants to open! Yes, you should always be honest about what you think, but today you also need to be especially tactful and clear about your meaning. It’s a good thing that your verbal communication skills are so powerful right now, because you’ll need all your abilities to deliver your thoughts without making someone else feel wrong.

Singles Lovescope

You’re not sure why things are happening to you at such breakneck speed. Your to-do list is out of hand and commitments are piling up. Don’t panic! Enlist the help of a pal to help you tackle it all, then go have some fun!

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Make a solid plan for your evening together. Otherwise, you may end up spending all night just wasting time. Of course, if your plan is to simply waste time together, go for it!


It doesn’t take much to make you feel good today. A slight up-tick is all you need. Short of that, a cheap addition to your possessions would also do the trick. Nothing luxurious or too indulgent is necessary.



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