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Get out in public and get a heaping dose of the energy only a crowd can offer. Even if a large group of people isn’t usually your thing, today it will give you the impulse you need to explore a new interest, person, or career prospect. This is a juicy opportunity you shouldn’t miss. People with casual questions are really digging for something much deeper, so give thought to every answer and don’t just toss off your prepared responses. The real you must make the most of the spotlight.

Singles Lovescope

Finances are favored now, but it doesn’t really mix with romance, so keep them as separate as possible. Dates should be low-cost (and low-key). Less investment means you’re happy no matter what happens.

Couple Lovescope

You’re filled with positive energy right now and should be able to lift your partner’s spirits, even if they’re down in the dumps. Let your emotions guide your relationship instead of the other way around.


It’s a good day to clean up a big financial mess because the lines of communication are finally open. It’s up to you to connect with all the other parties, though. Don’t jump right into the nitty-gritty. Save the small details for later in the dialogue.



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