Daily Forecast Capricorn 12-15


Capricorn Daily Forecast

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Try not to act surprised when you receive some positive feedback from an unlikely source. People in power have been noticing you in a new light, and they’ve been spreading the word about how you’re one to watch. Expect a little bit of extra attention to come your way soon, and be prepared for people to start demanding more and more of your time. This could require more adjustment than you think. Growing pains are inevitable.

Singles Lovescope

Your personal love style can go from the merely spicy to downright shocking, but you always manage to make it charming. Gauge your audience, though. A more delicate love interest might get scared.

Couple Lovescope

You and your partner have mastered that trickiest of tasks: moving in two different directions simultaneously. If anyone wants to know how to balance work, love, and a personal life, they’ll look at you two.


Fun and romance beckon. As long as they’re within budget, feel free to add them to your weekend to-do list. If not, have the backbone to cross them off without shedding too many tears.



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