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Today is a great day to hang out with a troubled friend and cheer them up. There has been a lot of drama in their life recently, and you can provide them with the quiet normalcy they need so badly. Schedule something fun but mellow that the two of you can do together. A meal, a long hike, or even just some time sitting in a park together will give them the chance to share their thoughts with you. And it will give you the chance to listen with your full attention.

Singles Lovescope

Something is trying to draw you into the future, but it’s really important to be mindful of the present. Sure, you’re looking forward to that hot date tomorrow night, but if you don’t stay focused on your work, you could miss out in the long run.

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You thought you were making a little joke, but it turns out that your partner took your statement very seriously indeed! Once you both see what’s going on, you’ll be equally amused.


You get to be the leader of your social group today, and that means you can choose activities you know you can afford. With half the stress automatically out of the picture, it’s that much easier to have a good day. Enjoy being in your element.


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