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Seeing a friend succeed in reaching their goal will give you a much needed boost of energy toward your own goals today. You’ve been putting off a tough move, but today you’ll have to face facts and break this bad habit for good. Cold turkey could be the only way to go. Keep telling yourself that the sacrifices you’re making will pay off, because they will, and sooner than you hoped! Luckily, distractions abound when a celebration is announced, and you know just who you want to be your date!

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Balancing work and social responsibilities when you’re busy is hard. Something you care about may have to be sacrificed for your own mental well-being. Add it back again when life slows down to a normal pace.

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For the next few days, try to plan a little less and go with the flow a little more. If your partner suggests a last-minute adventure, go with it! You don’t have to be in control all the time.


You’ve got the itch to buy something and it almost doesn’t matter what it is. Computers, laptops, even cars all look appealing to you — but so do less expensive things. Something as easy as a cheap pair of sunglasses just might do the trick.


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