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Denial can be a powerful force in your life, but it is seldom a positive one. Be extra careful right now to see things are they truly are, and accept them that way. Pretending everything will be fine isn’t the right way to handle a troublesome situation. Finding a way to make everything fine is the right way to handle it. There’s nothing wrong with positive thinking. Just make sure that you aren’t fooling yourself about what’s what.

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It’s all about sustained effort today. Instant gratification just doesn’t work. Dig up what’s interesting about new people. Keep trying online options. Things may seem slow, but you’re moving in the right direction!

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You’re lighthearted and full of fizzy, fun energy. Your partner loves this side of you. Heck, you’re kind of happy with it yourself. You may not feel terribly focused, but let yourself go and relax into this vibe.


When others move at a snail’s pace, it makes you feel like a race horse chomping at the bit. But there’s not much you can do, so you might as well respect their opinions if not their way of doing things.


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