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If you’re feeling unsure about any decision you have to make today, no matter how small it might seem in significance, consult the people who have been through it before. Experience builds expertise, and these folks have some very wise words for you. Everything from project organization to recipes, solicit information from the folks who know best. You can’t go wrong.

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Early today, you may find yourself wishing you were elsewhere. Later, it may seem everyone wants you to be in ten different places at once. Just breathe deeply and focus on each moment as it comes.

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Sometimes love can seem like a big dance of “you push me, I pull you.” Instead of fighting these recent events, why not give in? You might discover a lovely sense of rhythm. Behind all this chaos is a greater purpose.


Why spend money on travel? You long to experience something foreign, but you can do that without leaving your own backyard. If your inner workings are a mystery to you, it’s time for some soul searching.


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