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All of us here on planet number three are in the mood to make contact with someone from a far-off place, someone whose smile, wit, or simple presence we’ve missed for far too long. You’re no different, and you know exactly the person you want to make that contact with too. Why not do it now? You know they’ll be delighted to hear your voice, and afterwards you might be able to rekindle the original fire.

Singles Lovescope

Check out your options. They could include dance classes, cultural events, wine tastings, and more. You’re a catch, so head out there!

Couple Lovescope

Your sweetie may seem a bit out of sorts today. Don’t let their gloom bring you down, too. Try using your positive energy to help boost their mood. When you’re feeling good, your energy is contagious.


It’s not a great day for anything but money. Channel all of your excitement and energy into making a profit and don’t let any of it be siphoned off for other pursuits. Even love and romance can wait.


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