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Your latest idea for a party or other type of social event is something that your buddies need to know about as soon as possible! These plans are sure to excite your friends and loved ones, and they’ll be eager to help you make this great idea even greater. Speak whatever is on your mind and find out what’s on everyone else’s mind. Let the people you care about contribute too. They’ll be able to think of things that don’t occur to you. Make it a collaboration and you’ll make things sweeter.

Singles Lovescope

You know that saying about how a watched pot never boils? Well, that goes double for romance. Hovering over this person or constantly checking your phone won’t make it happen any faster. Give it a rest.

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Who made you responsible for every single item of this partnership? It’s time to look at a more fair and equitable way to handle joint duties. If that requires a state-of-the-union talk, so be it.


You’re used to convincing others of what to do. So when you’re the one who’s feeling wishy-washy, it’s a sure sign not to commit, whether it’s your money or simply your signature.


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