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It’s all about strutting your stuff right now. Your strength is greater than ever and growing! Make sure nobody ignores you today. Put on your boldest outfit, laugh your loudest laugh, and flash your brightest smile. Do whatever it takes to stand out from the crowd and make a jaw-dropping impact. People are looking in your direction and wondering who you are and what you’re all about. Keep them guessing and you’ll keep getting noticed.

Singles Lovescope

Pay attention to quirky nuances when you’re going through dating profiles today. Reread the ones you glossed over before. Don’t be surprised if something brilliant jumps out at you.

Couple Lovescope

The two of you are hemming and hawing about what to do on your next vacation. It’s time for you to make an executive decision. You’ve got tons of ideas. If one doesn’t work, try another.


You’re not exactly embracing your new financial circumstances with enthusiasm. That makes perfect sense. But if you start putting out feelers, you’ll see that life can be just as meaningful with less money.


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