Daily Forecast Gemini 04-03


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It’s not true that you’re only up for fun, games, and laughter. Sure, it might be what you do best and love the most, but when what you’re doing is important to you, you’re just as determined and single-mindedly focused on it as anyone could possibly be. Now, as the need to stop laughing and start getting serious pops up, you tend to it seriously.

Singles Lovescope

Not all gestures need to be obvious. Someone close is sending subtle messages, and love is in the air if you want it. Compliments can often be hidden in teasing or humdrum chatter, so listen carefully!

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Dealing with your family or your significant other’s can bring up some pretty big feelings about your past. This is a great opportunity for you to permanently unpack old baggage before it affects your future.


It’s a good day to focus on life’s little mysteries. Things you’ve always wondered about but never bothered following up on have actually been costing you quite a bit of money. Unraveling them will do wonders for your wallet.



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