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If someone asks you to help organize something, you might not like the sound of the proposal, but you should still jump at the opportunity to get involved. Five minutes into the task, you could be very glad you did. Right now, your ability to organize, categorize, and prioritize is incredibly sharp, and you’ll be a valuable team member. Plus, you’ll also get a lot of joy out of creating order in the world.

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A creative approach might be just the solution for a perplexing issue that doesn’t seem to disappear. Be ready to take a chance when no one else will. Your maverick way of thinking could save the day.

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It’s tempting to turn and look the other way, but your partner knows that you saw. And, frankly, it’s important that you two talk about this. What happens next can strengthen your bond even further.


You may feel depressed by your shrinking funds, but that only means you should spend more time socializing, instead of less. That nagging voice in your head may be telling you to be alone, but nothing other than good company will help.



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