Daily Forecast Gemini 04-14


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Getting things in order is vital today, so polish your alphabetizing skills! The disarray of your home environment has been subtly increasing your stress level. The guilt of the dust and cobwebs might finally be getting to you. Get your surroundings in order and you’ll experience a huge sense of relief and accomplishment. An hour spent organizing will save you many more hours in the long run. This revamping will take far less time than you think.

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Brainstorm about ways to meet interesting new people, and get your friends in on generating ideas. A little teamwork works wonders, and they know things about you that may be extra helpful.

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Uh-oh! It’s one of those magpie days when everything shiny attracts your eye, even if it’s worthless junk. Put your credit cards away or your partner could be telling you “I told you so,” and with good reason!


Don’t be so dependent on others, and not just financially. It’s easy to get along well when your boss is in a good mood, but when they’re not — well, that’s your challenge for the day.



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