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Gemini Daily Forecast

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This is not a good day to explore any unknown territory. Try to stick close to home or only go to places where everyone knows your name. But it won’t be hard to curb your curiosity. Your mood isn’t right for trying new things or exploring. You’re much more comfortable in the environment you’ve created for yourself. If you’re trying to finish a book or a project, today is a great day to hunker down until you’re done.

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Everyone roots for the underdog, and today that’s you. People really want to help you succeed, both at work and in love. Take them up on any offers that might further your chances of finding the right person.

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You don’t always have to be on the lookout for new things. Sometimes revisiting old places can be more fun than experimenting. Show your partner around a spot with major memories attached to it.


Looking back over your week is a perfectly legitimate way to spend the day. Another one, though, is to remind yourself that it’s not over ’till it’s over. There’s still money to be made as long as you keep at it.



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