Daily Forecast Gemini 05-14


Gemini Daily Forecast

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Something very unexpected and exciting could be coming your way today. This might mean a new romance in the offing, a new job opportunity landing in your lap, or maybe just some wonderful news you’ve been waiting for. No matter what it is, it will bring a lot of fun into your life. Any scheduling hassles it causes won’t be a big deal. Any inconvenience will be worth it. Your only task right now is to open up your mind and get ready for whatever it is.

Singles Lovescope

There’s not too much going on in the realm of romance now, but the other areas of your life are keeping you plenty busy. Don’t tune out daydreaming about your crush if you can help it.

Couple Lovescope

Confusing feelings lead to misunderstandings. Explain clearly about what you need, because subtle hints derail successful communication. Speak your mind to help your heart.


Now that the dust has settled, you can see just how much your entire life has been transformed by the change in your financial status. It’s not all bad, either. You feel like a new person altogether, with all the newfound energy and resolve that goes with that.



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