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Gemini Daily Forecast

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There is a lot of heavy emotional energy around you today, and it could make you feel moody and slow. Don’t worry about it. So what if you take a little longer to get ready this morning, or you’re not quite as talkative as you usually are? The people who know and respect you aren’t going to get upset about it, so why should you? Drink all the extra cups of coffee you want, but your situation won’t change. But in a few days it will be over.

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Watch for those who might not have your best interests in mind today. Just because someone offers you love advice doesn’t mean you have to believe their every word. Take suggestions with a grain of salt.

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You could be faced with a tough situation today. You’d like to avoid it altogether, but, ultimately, the only way out is through. When it’s all over, your relationship will be in a better place.


It’s been a long week, although it feels more like a year. Power struggles, losses — that kind of weirdness has no place in your day. Make sure you give yourself a break, whether the rest of the world cooperates or not.



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