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Keeping things on a lighter note now paves the way to smooth communication. Of course, if you want to address some heavy stuff, that’s your prerogative. Before you get into it, though, make sure you have what you want to say crystal clear in your head. Thinking it through one extra time wouldn’t hurt. And while you think your position is the only viable one, don’t be surprised if you get an argument about it.

Singles Lovescope

Get out and about and make the most of your single status. Hang out at a cafe instead of at home. Find a fun event for tonight and generally make life awesome and bright!

Couple Lovescope

Quick thinking usually keeps you out of hot water, but now is the time for serious reflection about your current relationship. Dedicate yourself to the couple completely or stop wasting everyone’s time.


If you did a little exploring with your investments, then you might not be in as bad financial shape as the world around you seems to be. If optimism can move mountains, then it can heal markets, starting today.



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