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You can’t get along with everyone all the time, and today might be one of those days when you need to maintain your distance to keep a relationship strong. Communication might be strained or thoughts misunderstood, and someone’s temper might be a bit too short to deal with calmly. Switch your attention to friends and family who cheer you up and never expect more of you than what you can give. Let the others work out the things they need to work out.

Singles Lovescope

When a friend asks your opinion of the new person they’re checking out, try not to be brutally honest with your judgment. They might not be the one for you, but something about them sparked their interest. Find something nice to say to spare their feelings.

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Things have been going great at work, and now you want to celebrate. Treat your sweetie to a fabulous evening out. Reservations at a cozy restaurant, dancing. Now is the time to be as extravagant as you want to be.


If the people around you can’t read your mind, then a bill paying service most certainly can’t. Don’t forget to enter some important data into yours. Your lack of attention is much more than simple forgetfulness.



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