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One reason willow trees always survive storms is that they bend. Instead of breaking, once the wind has stopped, they simply bounce right back. Let the willow be your example today, especially when it comes to dealing with emotions or discussions about topics that could get heated. Simply remind yourself to bend with the current influences and you’ll snap right back in no time.

Singles Lovescope

Sometimes opposites don’t attract at all. In fact, you might find comfort today in someone who’s just like you. If you feel too much out of sync with a potential love interest, keep moving.

Couple Lovescope

Maybe you two have some extremely romantic plans for tonight. Or maybe your plans turn unexpectedly romantic. Either way, there will be kisses! And it doesn’t hurt to be prepared. Brush you teeth!


You want to take off on your own but you might just get hopelessly lost if you do. Your finances are in a rather wild state and you need the help of all the benefits that go along with staying in the safety of a group. Remember, it’s a jungle out there.



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