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If anyone loves a dare, it’s you, no doubt about it. It doesn’t matter whether it’s spoken or just hinted at. Now, when a friend you’ve long admired for their bravery makes you an offer that sounds suspiciously like a friendly (and inspirational) dare, you won’t hesitate for a second. You may, however, need to explain to your partner, especially if they weren’t expecting you to be AWOL because you just couldn’t turn down a challenge.

Singles Lovescope

Life may not be all that easy now, but it’s just a phase. If you can approach it with a sense of humor and get some support from friends, you should find a meaningful takeaway.

Couple Lovescope

You’re both feeling sparkling and social yet earthy and sensual — all at the same time. How can you best satisfy all of these desires? Why not entertain at home? That way you get to mingle and nest in one efficient move.


Your mind is on romance of one kind or another. Don’t be fooled by the warm feeling you get from thinking of money, though. It’s not really as valuable as real love. If you’re not sure about this yet, then you’re lacking a valuable lesson and will soon learn it. Brace yourself.



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