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You need to take things all the way today because there’s no point in holding back anymore. Delve deep into things that interest you. There is a huge world out there for you to learn about, and it will take time to get through all the facts. If you’re getting to know someone, skip past the typical small talk about their favorite bands and head right for their views on important issues. If they differ from yours, that’s good. It will give you all the more to talk about!

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A new person could try to sweep you off your feet, but will you notice? You’ve been so caught up in the usual daily drama that your observational skills have been clouded. Pay attention to those around you.

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Today, try not to do too much. It will behoove you to save your energy for a rainy day. Or a day with less rain, as the case may be.


All finance is really about the home. Why else would anyone bother with the endless pursuit of money? There aren’t rich homeless out there. Focus on making yours a blissful place to be, and spending money won’t get you to that point. It takes spending some emotional currency, and you have plenty to spare.



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