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You’re not exactly famous for your love of lighthearted, frivolous conversation. In fact, you often use just one word for every three that other folks blurt out without even thinking. At the moment, though, you’ve got quite a bit to say, and while your sweetie is amazed, there’s no doubt that they’ll sit still and listen. That is what you’re after, right?

Singles Lovescope

They say you’re lucky to stay out of the crazy dating game, but you’re not so sure. Don’t let your emotions get the better of you. Analyze the situation and listen to what they say. They’re right. You are lucky.

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Feet on the ground, head in the clouds. It’s an old story with you. Aim for balance, and float in midair while holding your partner’s hand.


First, you worry about neglecting your family and then you’re concerned about neglecting your career. You just can’t find the happy medium. Your emotions will be much easier to stabilize once you accept that you can’t find the perfect amount of each. Besides, it’s easier than you think to take care of all of your responsibilities.



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