Daily Forecast Gemini 06-08


Gemini Daily Forecast

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It’s a great day for working on plans, especially if they’re related to travel in any way. Go ahead and plan your itinerary or sign paperwork that needs to be signed. You’re ready to go, so get this show on the road! The era of uncertainty you’ve been struggling with is over. And if any more information happens to come to light over the next few weeks, it shouldn’t affect anything to a great degree. It’s time to move forward decisively.

Singles Lovescope

Tread gently. Those around you could be especially sensitive and much less willing to share than you expect. If that colleague is reluctant to spill the details of their big date, don’t push them.

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So maybe you’re not exactly rolling in the dough. That doesn’t mean you and your honey still can’t have some fun. The best things in life are free, after all. Be creative when it comes to entertainment.


You need to have some enjoyment in your work day if you want to be your most productive, not to mention profitable. Line up a lunch date. It doesn’t have to be romantic but it does have to be fun.



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