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Be advised that you’ll need to put up an imaginary wall between you and the people who will be assessing or judging you today. You can’t under any circumstances let yourself take whatever they say (positive or negative) personally. The best way to keep from doing that is by putting up a protective wall. These folks are on a power high, but they aren’t experts. Turn off your emotions and just let what they say sink in. Process it later, on your own time and when you’re alone.

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Nobody wants to be predictable. That’s boring! You need to bust out of your usual routine with some new activity you’ve been dying to try. You could also just grab a friend and go on a wild adventure!

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What’s going on between you two is about as clear as mud, because confusion is the order of the day. Rein in your scattered brain and focus. There’s something here that needs to be brought out.


No one is going to follow through on their promises without some serious input from you. And with so much going on yourself, you just can’t keep track of everyone else’s responsibilities. Even though it’s not technically your fault, you’ll lose money if you let the situation continue as is. It’s time to lay down the law.



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