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Letting a big secret out is a huge relief, but you might want to ensure that you don’t get any backlash while you’re at it. It could be that there’s some way to leak it in pieces before going through with the big reveal. You know at least some people know something’s afoot, having heard rumors and seen raised eyebrows. Try to do it gradually and save the biggest drama for another time.

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Someone who’s high-maintenance or obsessed with shopping isn’t going to work for you — especially now, when it’s easier to attain a better understanding of yourself and others. What’s really going on?

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Don’t be in such a tearing hurry to get everything accomplished. Your relationship is about a process, not a final goal. Enjoy the path you’re on and stop creating specific destinations.


Problems at home aren’t as radical as you make them out to be. Your image of a happy, tranquil dinner around the table doesn’t have to be shattered by this latest outburst. Spending even a little money on a sweet token gift may be all it takes to restore harmony.



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