Daily Forecast Gemini 12-09


Gemini Daily Forecast

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A strange but wonderful new friend has just entered your world, and you’re loving every minute of your time together. They may end up being more interested in you than as just friends, though, so if you’re not thinking along those same lines, you had better mention that early on. Otherwise, you could end up having to come up with some explanations — to yourself in the mirror, that is — sometime in the future.

Singles Lovescope

Though it’s rare to find someone who shares your interests exactly, it isn’t impossible. Join local interest groups and communities that support your ideals and see if you find your beloved waiting for you.

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If you had a restless night’s sleep, try to remember any of your dreams. It could help clarify some of the subconscious rumblings you’re experiencing. It could clarify a few things in your relationship too.


If no one used to take you seriously before, they’re sure listening now. But can you predict the next big fortune as well as you predicted the disaster? If you think you can, work on getting your ideas put into action.



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