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Put your household issues on the top or your priority list. From fixing a dripping faucet to painting a room or even just moving some furniture around, you need to get hands-on experience in your home! Putting physical energy into your intimate surroundings will energize you and fill you with a sense of pride that can’t be achieved in any other way. And it doesn’t have to be a solitary activity. Get a friend, partner, or roommate to help, and make it a bonding experience.

Singles Lovescope

The mysteries of love are colliding headlong with some stark realities of life. Don’t just stand there gawking at the scene of the accident. Give the mysteries of love a little CPR.

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Now is a good time for you to seek advice from friends or others who might give you a new perspective on things. You’ll see your relationship in a new and more positive light soon.


Money is great, but it’s not going to make or break your day. The only way to guarantee a good day is to get along with the people around you. It’s not just that they can make you miserable, but that something vital would be missing without the good feelings they bring to the table.


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