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Outgoing behavior shines through your usual protective shell to reveal the inner you today. You find it easy to talk to all kinds of people. Crossing a language barrier is even possible once you figure out how to communicate using some form of sign language. A friendly conversation could lead anywhere. Give up your preconceptions and let the stars guide your destiny.

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Trust your instincts. You might need them when dealing with a particularly persuasive person. If you believe what they’re saying, keep listening. But if you have even a twinge of doubt, move on.

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If your usual date is going to a movie, take your partner to a concert or art opening today. Stimulating your intellectual side might inspire you to create a masterpiece of your own.


Gatherings of all kinds are being curtailed but you can still get together with family and friends. Doing things on the cheap shouldn’t rule out informal get-togethers. They’re the ones most worth doing anyway.


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