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If they see any errors, don’t be defensive. Just fix what needs to be fixed and be grateful you caught it in time. It won’t take very much of your time to double-check your to-do list, and it might even pay to have someone else look it over for you just in case. Run your info by someone you trust, preferably a friend or close family member. If you don’t take the time to cover all your bases now, a tiny little detail could come back and bite you later.

Singles Lovescope

This restless day isn’t great for taking any decisive steps in the love department, so prowl a few dating apps, but put off any firm commitments for a bit longer.

Couple Lovescope

The two of you enjoy being part of a group now, whether it’s croquet in the park, a bowling league, or wherever your imagination takes you and your friends. Be creative and take charge.


Showing off is out. Decadence is a thing of the past, if not out of necessity then simply to keep up with the style of the times. If you aren’t having a hard time with your finances, you should keep that little nugget to yourself.


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