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Pay closer attention to your dreams. They may help you identify patterns that could shed a lot of light on your life. Your subconscious mind is working while you sleep, playing out different potential scenarios and showing you alternate ways of looking at the world. Sure, most of the images are weird or even disturbing, but sometimes being disturbed is the best way to wake up from the monotony of routine. Your brain is hungry for a change in your life, and your heart should be too.

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Your romantic dreams are having some trouble with a little thing called reality. Know the difference. Keeping your expectations realistic while staying open to new possibilities is essential.

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There’s nothing wrong with feeling content about your relationship. Let yourself enjoy the moment instead of worrying about possible problems lurking around the corner.


Don’t get depressed about the past. Look at the present as just another opportunity. You already made hay while the sun shone. Now figure out what to do in the storm.


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