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When it comes time to tell someone a secret, most people who know you turn to you for several reasons. First, it takes quite a bit to shock you. Second, you’re completely trustworthy. Third, you’re also quite wise. So when a sibling or neighbor approaches you with that look on their face, you’ll know immediately what’s needed. Invite them in, make some coffee, and turn off the phone. This could take a while.

Singles Lovescope

The stars are emphasizing family now. Think about the bigger picture: the example your family set sfor you, your family of friends, and how you want your future family to be.

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Your feelings are more intense than usual. Seek new avenues to express your emotions to your partner. Although now’s a great opportunity to spend quiet time together, don’t be surprised if your partner needs some solitude.


You’re becoming overly cautious. Money worries are making you think twice about everything. When it comes to good friends, you don’t need to know any facts before hand. Just dive in and have fun.


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