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A loose energy takes over today, slackening the tightened tendons in your neck and making you feel a lot more relaxed. This is an appropriate day for sleeping in, slowing down, and asking yourself what the rush is. Everyone else might be on a tight schedule, but you know you’ve got plenty of wiggle room, so why not use it? Take a long afternoon nap. It will refresh you for the rest of the evening and fill your mind with inspiring, amusing dreams.

Singles Lovescope

Instead of firing up an argument, ask some big, deep questions. Instead of relying on preconceived notions, dive deep and learn more. Instead of digging in your heels, try a few new points of view.

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How the heck did you and your partner end up over here when you started out way over there? Give yourselves full credit for trying. The stars give you a chance to extricate yourselves before things go any further.


You’re making all the wrong gains. As your bank account gets lighter, your need for food gets heavier. Focus on earning extra income rather than indulging in extra calories.


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