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At heart, you’re basically a very social animal. You love nothing better than being with kindred spirits who understand you, which isn’t always easy to come by since you’re much smarter than the average bear. Once you find those soul mates, you’ll do anything to keep them happy. And handy. You’re in a very different mood right now, though, and it might feel unfamiliar. You want to hibernate, make the world go away. Don’t worry, you’re not losing your mind. This is normal.

Singles Lovescope

It’s a good day to take a chance on someone new. Even though you’d rather wait to see what happens next, you might be pleasantly surprised by making the first move. You never know unless you take a chance.

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Asking for help doesn’t make you seem weak. It makes you look smart. Your partner has lots of advice, but they don’t want to meddle. Go on. It’s time to tap them for some tips.


It’s not popcorn and butter or coffee and cream, but it’s close. You’ve happened upon the perfect combination on another level. Make sure whatever financial decisions you make about your find match its real value.


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