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Is it a friend’s birthday? You’d better check. Details like that could throw you off track today. Make sure you’re good with your correspondence because someone has been waiting for your answer and they might be losing patience. A quick note or call (full of your usual charm, of course) should calm any stormy waters and lay the groundwork for future commitments that could lead to an infusion of cash to your bank account.

Singles Lovescope

Life is totally hectic right now, but that doesn’t mean you have to wallow in your own schedule. Block out some time to do something you love. Whether it’s reading a good book or eating ice cream, treat yourself.

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Romance is in the air. Take full advantage of the flirty vibe with your mate. Catch your partner off guard by doing something completely spontaneous and sexy.


When it comes to protecting your territory or your place in it, drastic measures are all that will work. That means you get to expose your wild side for a change. Being tame just means letting someone walk all over you, and neither you nor your wallet can afford that right now.


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