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You’ve been working extremely hard lately, so much so that you’re thinking you’re actually too tired to go out tonight, no matter how lovely that offer is that you’ve just received. Before you refuse, though, think it over. Can’t you grab yourself a power nap after work and rally? Sure you can. Besides, you have your reputation to think of as a nonstop partier who’s always game for “just one more” of pretty much anything.

Singles Lovescope

All that time you spent crafting the perfect profile was time well spent. Remember that it’s not just the number of responses that counts, but the quality as well.

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Things keep you on your toes, so any daydreaming about your big plans will have to wait until later. Plan to discuss the details with your sweetie over dinner. You’ll both have a lot to talk about.


The key to productivity is finding what motivates you and then learning to make it appear. It doesn’t take a genie in a bottle so much as it takes self-knowledge. What is your particular driving force? Spend your morning finding out.


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