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Are you being too critical of yourself? Giving yourself grief accomplishes nothing. It doesn’t help build your ego, it doesn’t solve any problems, and it most certainly doesn’t help make you happier. If you did something wrong, try to fix it. If you can’t fix it, at least learn from it and move on. Dwelling on a failure is unproductive, and it’s unattractive to the people in your life. No one likes to see you beat yourself up about stuff that doesn’t really matter.

Singles Lovescope

Keep those feet firmly planted on the ground while your heart goes roaming. An unusual type takes your eye, and who can blame you? This person is awfully enticing in so many ways. Just keep your common sense handy.

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You’ve got an idea for something you’d like to try out with your partner, but you’ve been too shy to bring it up. Go on and tell them. Right now is an ideal time, and they will almost certainly be intrigued!


Why are you attached to investments that don’t pay? Some decisions may be hard, but don’t let your emotions rule your portfolio. Use your intellect for that instead.


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